Oliver Atkinson

Mobile & Web Developer

Apartment 24, 75 Newsome Road

Huddersfield, HD4 6NH

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Personal Statement »

I am a dedicated, results-driven and hardworking individual, who is quick to grasp new ideas. I demonstrate a logical approach to problem solving and enjoy learning as well as developing new skills.

I am highly motivated and work well on own initiative as well as part of a team, demonstrating the high levels of motivation required meeting deadlines.

I would definitely consider myself to be a pragmatic programmer.

Work Experience »

iOS Developer

Common Agency - [June 2013 - Current]


Common Agency is really great, I have been working on some fantastic projects with large e-commerce clients. Working In an agency is exactly what I like, fast paced and excellent help from peers to lead me in the right direction.

My role of an iOS Developer requires me to develop code as well as undertake regular code reviews that allows me to ensure good coding standards are followed throughout the codebase. I also take on a lot of responsibility for producing AdHoc distributions internally and for clients.

I strive to bring the best out of myself and doing so always bring something new to the team from reading blogs, books and news articles - I find it important to do so for my own personal development.

Common Agency have given me more responsibility within the business allowing me to oversee more of the code and how we structure our newly produced apps.

Key Skills: iOS, Git, Agile

iOS Developer

Betfred - [March 2013 - June 2013]


I wanted to go into a pure iOS development role as it is what I am most passionate about. My role at Betfred is to develop and maintain the native iPhone applications. I am responsible for ensuring the development is high quality and product deadlines are met.

I am currently working on developing the native lottery application that allows a user to bet on the outcome of the lottery – this is the first native application Betfred are developing in-house.

I left Betfred because I wanted to get experience from a senior developer in the early stages of my development career.

The Lottery App which I was involved in developing is now available: betfred.com/mobile/mobile-ios-lottery

Key Skills: iOS, Agile

Software Developer

DigitalLabs - [September 2012 - February 2013]


After University I started work at DigitalLabs as part of a paid Internship. DigitalLabs has a large number of public sector clients as it is a company setup within the University that operates on its own funding. My role within the company is to develop iPhone applications, and more recently I have been developing software for a sculpture installation in the new £55million Art and Design building. I used Ruby as the language choice for the development of the sculpture software.

Key Skills: iOS, Teamwork

Web Developer

Freelance - [April 2009 - Current]

During my time at University I spent a lot of time learning about web development, so I took the initiative and setup my own online presence and used the skills that I had developed over time to create websites for local businesses - this helped fund my university fee's. I used popular technologies such as jQuery, HTML5, REST and PHP. I have developed small companies websites that require WordPress to larger car-sales companies producing a custom system to post classified adverts.

Some example projects, more available on request
Selby TVR selbytvr.co.uk
This project required creating and designing a website that has classified advert system for the company to post cars for sale. For this I used WordPress as there was a wide selection of plugins available to match the clients needs.

D & S Kitching dskplant.co.uk
D & S Kitching required quite a basic website, to display information of their company and diggers. I used static HTML for speed and simplicity, the client did not require a bespoke WordPress or Drupal website.

Key Skills: Independency, Initiative, Ambition, Time-Management

Technical Assistant

TPSL - [Feburary 2006 - August 2008]


At Technology Products Solutions Limited (TPSL) my role was to service websites and computers. I often had to deal with customers face-to-face and over the telephone.

Key Skills: Customer Relations, Teamwork, Telephone Communication, Face-to-Face Client Meetings

Expertise »

I have had several high profile projects encompassing various different programming languages and tools; I am always looking to learning new things and I subscribe to newsletters and blogs to read about the latest information in the subject area! Below are some of the programming languages I have used and some knowledge areas that I have used in my projects.

Programming Languages

  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • SQL

Working Knowledge

  • Enterprise Java
  • iOS
  • Foundation
  • UIKit
  • CoreGraphics
  • Git
  • CoreData
  • Javascript
  • MySQL

I have experience and knowledge of many more iOS Frameworks - please email me for more information.


In my current working environment I avidly use a number of tools to ensure that I make my life easier when developing so I can concentrate on the solution.

Education »

1st - Software Engineering

Manchester Metropolitan University

I graduated with a 1st class honors degree, I covered many areas during my time at University such as Mobile Application Development and Enterprise Programming that have lead me on my current path.

A B B - A Levels

Harrogate Grammar School

After finishing GCSE's I really wanted to further my education, I went on to sixth form at Harrogate Grammar school where I chose Mathematics, Computing and Business Studies where I showed excellent potential and got myself a place into University.

11 B+ GCSE Grades

Harrogate Grammar School

School was always important for me and I went to every lesson with the same attitude - to do well. This reflected in my schoolwork with always-consistent high grades for all my subjects.
Mathematics B, English Language B, English Literature B, Double Award Sciences A B.

More about me »

I answer questions on Stackoverflow for fun; I enjoy furthering my own knowledge whilst helping others. I ensure that all of my answers are thought through and are a good solid solution so that others can learn from me. I also produce code on GitHub (even this website is on there) as I use git to ensure my projects are all version controlled so that the "Cat ate my source code" issue never arises. If you would like to take a look at my accounts please follow the links below.



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