Oliver Atkinson

iOS Developer

Employment: Sky

Harrogate, Leeds

(+44)7950 312260



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Personal Statement »

Logical Result Driven Problem Solver

I am a dedicated, results-driven and hardworking individual, who is quick to grasp new ideas. I demonstrate a logical approach to problem solving and enjoy learning as well as developing new skills.

I like to learn new things all the time and will take the time to read books, blogs and experiment with new technologies.

I am highly motivated and work well on own initiative as well as part of a team, demonstrating the high levels of motivation required meeting deadlines.

I would definitely consider myself to be a pragmatic programmer.

iOS Developer »

Swift Objective-C Ruby

First and foremost I love iOS, I have been programming Objective-C and Swift in a profession for 5 years.

Having all of this experience has given me the time to really invest in the cocoa frameworks to try and understand as many little intricacies as I can.

I like working at a good pace solving complex problems, I have a real knack for creating SOLID code - I could waffle for hours about why it is important so if you bump into me and you're interested then just say the word. I also enjoy helping others try and understand different programming concepts.

On a day to day basis I enjoy Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, vim and bash for those oh so useful commands

I love learning new things, I am currently looking into Rust. I have a good understanding of many programming languages but prefer to keep my focus into what I am working on at that time. For example, I have previously worked with PHP and Java, ranging from legacy code support to brand new applications.

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I answer questions on Stackoverflow for fun; I enjoy furthering my own knowledge whilst helping others. I ensure that all of my answers are thought through and are a good solid solution so that others can learn from me. If you would like to take a look at my accounts please follow the links below.